About me

My name is Vitor Freitas, I'm a software developer and researcher from Brazil. At the moment, I'm living in Oulu, Finland doing my Ph.D. I'm a passionate software developer, currently working with Python and Django. I also worked several years in industry with Java, C♯ and ASP/VBScript.

About the website

This is my personal website where you can find both resources related to my work as a software engineering researcher and as an independent web developer.

I write about my everyday work as a researcher and share learning experience while taking courses and reading scientific papers in my Ph.D. learning diary.

I have the personal goal of learning something new everyday. For the most part it is related to programming and my work, but it can be really anything. I share this small thoughts in the today I learned (TIL) section.

I also publish on weekly basis articles about Python, Django and Web Development in my blog simpleisbetterthancomplex.com.